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05 08 23

Development of the BG 180° Hand Press

Our patent pending hand press design took over 2 years in development and testing. We reviewed countless hand presses from decades past and those on the market today from simple entry level presses to full production presses. We wanted to learn the key elements on each of the presses, what set them apart, and what they lacked. We made sure that standard functions of a press were included and then added new features along with the ability to attach components and accessories down the road. The press is made to suit both crafters and large manufactures. Our production partner in Europe is a team of engineers that specialize in manual and automated presses for leather and textile manufacturers. We leaned on their decades of engineering knowledge to enhance the press with features that modernized the basic hand press.

The questions we asked our clients:

  • Q: Do users like the forward facing lever when setting, or the back facing lever?
  • A: Why not have the ability for both. So we engineered 180° lever where you can remove the lever and install it front or back based on your preference
  • Q: What setter die specs should be compatible with this press?
  • A: Allow the press to be compatible with all dies. We provide inserts with every press that can be switched in and out based on the specs of your dies. A question we get asked every day is, "Will your press work with my setter dies?" We can now say 'yes'. If you have setter dies from another company, just switch the adaptors we provide with each machine and you can use your existing dies!
  • Q: What if users prefer a kick press instead of a hand press?
  • A: Make it convertible. This press can be converted into a kick press by adding on the table and pedal system components. This also allows the user to start with the hand press and if they want to upgrade they don't have to invest in a whole new system.
  • Q: What accessories should we develop?
  • A: Aligning location and distances are features that improve efficiency and accuracy, so we developed accessories to help! We also have holes and areas where we can add more accessories in the future.
  • Q: Who is the user?
  • A: Everyone. We needed to make a press that was usable for the entry level crafter, but with the function for large scale manufacturing, all while achieving an agreeable price point.
  • Q: What products are people making with a hand press?
  • A: The press was made for both small and large items. It has an inner depth to accept long items. The front base will overhand the edge of a table so you can get inside of pockets and inner areas. You can adjust the maximum setting depth of the upper die for exact setting results.
  • Q: How can the press deliver enough pressure?
  • A: The engineering of the press creates a 'compound effect' like a bow and arrow. For example, when you pull a compound bow, the last ~20% of pulling creates the majority of power. With the press the same is true. What this allows for is less force needed from the user when setting. You don't need to slam the lever or smash the pedal to effectively set rivets and other items.