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Posted by Hugh Harriss on 02 17 12

The Buckleguy Blog has Begun!

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to the Buckleguy blog. We’ve been in business with for over 3 years and are so happy to find so many crafters, designers, and more are so eager to use our products. We have so many ideas and aspirations to accomplish with our blog, but know it will certainly evolve over time. Any suggestions, advice, ideas, etc. that you would like to see happen here, please let us know! Some of the things we would like the blog to accomplish are as follows:

  • Providing you with information about the products we carry from brass buckles and combination locks, to Riri Zippers and crafting tools.
  • General info about the buckle & hardware, zipper, and leather industry such as the history, trends, fashion, brands, craft ideas, and more.
  • Product information such as sizing charts, product variations, and uses.
  • Another GREAT idea we have is to allow YOU to contribute to the blog. You can do that in a number of ways such as writing a post, or sending us photos of the crafts, or products you have made with Buckleguy hardware. We want to create an area on the blog where we can showcase everything you have designed. Send us photos of the what you have made and a short bio about yourself and the piece you have designed.

We want this blog to a place for crafters to congregate and share their experiences, design ideas, opinions, and to give feedback to others. We are looking forward to connect with you all and creating a great community!

All the best,