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Barge Adhesives and Cements - How to use them and application methods

Barge Adhesives

Barge Cement has been in business for over 70 years as a supplier of high quality adhesive. Originally, Barge was developed for the repair of shoe soles and are still known for this specific use. In 1988, a well-known American shoe sole manufacturer, Quabaug, purchased Barge.

You will find that Barge has created a wide selection of adhesives that can be used with several different materials and projects. Barge Toluene Free Rubber Cement, All Purpose Thinner, and All Purpose Cement (toluene free or original) can be purchased through!

What does it mean to be Toluene Free? Barge is now making the majority of their products to be toluene free. Toluene is used as a solvent, and can be found in glues, paint thinners, and nail polish remover. Barge is removing toluene from their products because of the dangers associated with inhaling the fumes. It is best to use facemasks when working with a product containing toluene, as the exposure can lead to neurological damage.

Barge Toluene Free Rubber Cement

This adhesive is used as a temporary agent to bond a wide range of materials (leather, rubber, cork, paper, fiber materials & particle board). This is a great product to use when stitching leather or fabric where you need the materials to be bonded temporarily.

Dry Time: 5 minutes

Open Time: 10-15 minutes

All Purpose Thinner

The all-purpose thinner is used with Barge cement (or other neoprene and urethane adhesives). People use thinner for brush cleaning/soaking, thinning cement, as well as separating bonded items.

All Purpose Cement (Toluene Free OR Original)

As many other Barge products, the all-purpose cement has many different applications. This cement can be used with rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, or metal. The cement is very easily spread, waterproof, flexible, and long lasting.

Dry Time: 10-15 minutes

Open Time: Up to 4 hours

What is Dry Time?

Once Barge has been applied to both surfaces, dry time refers to how long you must leave the two surfaces separated in order to allow the solvent in the adhesive to evaporate. Humidity can affect dry time. For best results, before applying Barge be sure that the materials are clean and dry. It can also be beneficial to lightly sand the material, but be sure to not leave any dust behind.

What is Open Time?

Open Time refers to the amount of time that pieces can be left out with adhesive on them, before they are put together and bonded. Once the items are bonded together, it will take roughly 1-2 minutes for the adhesive to cure. If open time ever extends past the suggested length of open time, Barge recommends applying heat to the adhesive (ex: hair dryer). This will help to revive the adhesive if it has been left out too long so that you can then bond the materials successfully.

Barge recommended applications chart