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01 05 18

Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable - Leather Hand stitching.

Who is Fil Au Chinois?

J Toulemonde is the French manufacturer of Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable. They are a family owned and operated business, which began in 1847. Currently, the company has two production sites. One is the historical site that is located at Marcq en Baroeul, as well as the Barrois-Toulemonde factory that is located in Bondues.

What is Fil Au Chinois thread?

Fil Au Chinois is known for their quality, vibrant colors, strength, and resistance to wear. Fil Au Chinois makes a Lin Cable, Corded Wax Thread, Calais Lace Thread, Egyptian Cotton Lace Thread, Waxed Linen Single Ply Sewing Thread, and Fil de Lin. Dependent on your specific needs; there is a thread for you. Buckleguy stocks Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable, as it is best used with bags and leather projects!

Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable:

In regards to Lin Cable, cable is apart of this product’s name, due to that during production the thread is cabled, moistened and re-twisted. Moistening prevents the thread from distorting. Cabling is important because it strengthens the thread. This also makes the thread more rounded, which is desired for luxury leather goods.

Size Information:

There are five sizes to choose from, all ranging in diameter and length. Depending on the thread size, the spools come with varying meters of thread.

  • 332: Diameter 0.77mm, 133 meter spool length
  • 432: Diameter 0.63mm, 200 meter spool length
  • 532: Diameter 0.57mm, 250 meter spool length
  • 632: Diameter 0.51mm, 285 meter spool length
  • 832: Diameter 0.43mm, 375 meter spool length


The colors that are available will vary; dependent on the type of Fil Au Chinois thread you are looking for. Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable, which is stocked on our website, comes in forty-four colors. In the other types of thread, Fil Au Chinois makes a metallic gold and silver, as well as an invisible/clear thread.

What is it used for?

Fil Au Chinois is a luxury thread used by high-end leatherworkers and fashion designers. Hermes, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are just a few examples of well-known designers that use Fil Au Chinois for their products. Fil de Lin and Waxed Linen Single Ply Sewing Thread are best used for stitching items such as buttons, necklaces, and seams. Because the thread is waxed with beeswax, brushed with horsehair, and then stretched it is sure to make a secure stitch. Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable is best for bags and other leather projects. Calais Lace and Egyptian Cotton Lace thread can be used for sewing and quilting projects.