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Horween Cavalier Leather Belly, Plum, Multiple Weights


4.800 LBS

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Horween Cavalier Leather Belly - Plum

** Please note: Bellies are typically considered scrap leather. They are good for small cuttings and for practicing your leather work. Bellies will have areas of looseness, holes, scratch marks, and other blemishes. Our Horween bellies range from about 4-6 square feet. We have these split down to weight at the tannery.**

Color: Plum

Size: Average 4-6 sq. ft.


  • 3.5-4 oz (Thickness: 1.4-1.6mm --- 7/128"-1/16")
  • 4.5-5 oz (Thickness: 1.8-2.0mm --- 9/128"-5/64")
  • 6-7 oz (Thickness: 2.4-2.8mm --- 3/32"-7/64")
  • 8-9 oz (Thickness: 3.2-3.6mm --- 1/8"-9/64")

Grade: TR (Tannery Run)

Back Side: Unfinished, smooth


The Tannery: Horween Leather Company of Chicago, IL, USA (est. 1905)

  • Cavalier: The Horween Cavalier leather is an almost identical leather when compared to the Chromexcel, but slightly less oily. There are some slight adjustments to the tannage that allows the Cavalier leather to have brighter colors, and 'brighter names', such as: Sunflower, Plum, London Bus Red, Ink Blue, and Carolina Brown to name a few! The leather is chrome tanned with a heavy vegetable re-tannage. Cavalier is hot stuffed to impregnate the oils and waxes into the leather to provide a rich look with strong pull-up along with bright colors. 
    • Cavalier and Chromexcel are both hot-stuffed to infuse the leather with oils and greases to make a very comfortable and durable leather. It is then hand stained in a variety of colors. The leather is well known for its natural grain, rich pull-up and a gentle softness. 
      • What is "pull-up": When leather is folded or flexed the greases in the leather create a tonal effect on the surface of the leather. It can then be buffed out to its near original look. It can provide the leather with a unique marbled look.
  • Horween leathers have been hand made since 1905 in Chicago, IL and still use many of its original tannages and techniques.
  • These leathers are used for watch straps, shoes, wallets, small leather goods, key chains, pet accessories, bag straps, bags, and more.