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State Stamping Tool, Indiana


0.480 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Indiana, State Leather Stamping Tool


  • Stamped State Outline (WxH): 0.41" x 0.44" inches (10.4mm x 11.1mm)
  • Tool Length: 4" inches

Material: Hardened, high carbon tool steel.

Materials it can stamp:

  • Leather
  • Annealed steel
  • All non-ferrous metals
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • etc.

About these stamps:

These Leather State Stamps are what we call "lifetime tools". They are designed with the professional in mind. They are solid, one-piece tools with a heavy weight, and designed for effective grip and comfort. These leather branding tools are cut deep and crisp with edges made specifically for stamping leather so that they create a deep impression without cutting the leather. Because of the material used these stamps will never dull or deform regardless of how much use they get. We call them "lifetime tools" only because we can't think of a more clever term to communicate that they will outlive you, your children, grandchildren, etc. We guarantee it!

Lifetime quality is a main reason why leather workers buy these stamps. But even more important is performance. If you have ever worked with entry-level stamps made of plastic, aluminum, brass, or those consisting of 2 pieces with a screw on handle, you know how frustrating it can be to get to the branding phase of your work and get a sub-optimal image. Double images resulting from bounce in the stamping process is the single biggest reason why our stamps replace so many of those. You can spend less money on entry-level tools. We understand that. But the one simple step at the end of a project is so critical that the right tool must be considered, and that is the tool we want to provide.

Product Care:

  • Rust: These tools will rust. Since they are "lifetime tools" that means we need to use a hardened carbon tool steel. Carbon steels will rust, but with steel wool or a metal brush it is easy to remove. You can even use the wire brush on the stamp image, it will not hurt it. If you don't plan to use the tool for some time, you can also spray on WD40 or any other oil to help avoid rust while not in use.