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Ergo Kiwi Knife 2.0


0.250 LBS
$25.00 - $85.00

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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The Ergo Kiwi Knife

Included with each handle:

  • 1 Ergonomic Handle
  • 5 #2 Knife Blades

Handle Options:

  1. Ergo Kiwi 2.0: Made from acrylic in a 3D printer, this knife is just about indestructible. There is also a hidden magnet inside so you can place against metal for easy & accessible storage. 
  2. Plywood: Airplane-grade plywood, with 104 interlocking layers. Sealed with 3 layers of poly and finished with 1,000 grit sand paper.
  3. Bocote: A hardwood from Central America with beautiful grain patterns and a hefty feel.
  4. Paperstone: Feels like stone but made of compressed paper! A sustainable alternative to stone, with a high durability and unique look.

The Ergo Knife is the next level utility precision knife with a comfortable and reversible grip that allow for exact cutting for longer periods. The natural contours of the handle fit the handle perfectly so that over time your hand will not get fatigued.

About the Ergo Kiwi Craft Knife

  • Ergonomic: Fits naturally to your grip
  • Magnetic: Blades will never come loose with the magnetic internal components keeping blades secure
  • Reversible: Rotate the blade 180* for different grips
  • Adaptable: Fits any #2 blade
  • Durable: All stainless steel assembly