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Leather Wranglers 'Guppy Knife', Scalpel & Wharncliffe Blades


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Leather Wranglers 'Guppy Knife'

The unique Leather Wranglers Guppy knife has a full-tang design so that you could hold it like a pencil, making it easy to maneuver for intricate detail work. The Guppy is great at small fine work, as well as basic cutting, trimming, and light skiving. The Guppy can also be used for wood and fruit carving.

Leather Wranglers Guppy Knife wood handles are made with durable, warp/moisture resistant Dymond wood in a variety of colors. The blade length is roughly 1.5" inches and we stock the scalpel and wharncliffe blade options.

Blade Style Options (see image):

  • Scalpel
    • A favorite for tiny detail cuts and filigree work, especially on 2-5 oz. (or thinner) leather
  • Wharncliffe
    • Great for general benchwork and the knife you want to grab when you’re going to be cutting rough patterns, etc.

Handle Material (see image):

  • Walnut - DM
  • Black Cherry - DM

Please note that each handle may vary slightly in color and shape from what you see in the image. No two knives are the same!