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Japanese Leather Tool Starter Set


2.500 LBS

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Japanese Leather Tool Starter Set

A great leather working starter set for those looking to get into leathercraft with must have tools.

Included in kit:

  • Round Maul
  • Stitching Groover
  • Stitching Marking/Grooving Wheel
  • 3x Edge Bevelers: Sizes #1, #2, #3


Info on Each Tool:

1) Japanese Nylon Round Maul

Wood handle and poly head, this maul is able to be weight adjusted by unscrewing from the head and base and removing weighted washers to make the tool lighter/heavier and/or top heavy/bottom heavy. A great maul for leather work including stamping, punching, and more.

  • Weight: Adjustable from 0.68 lbs to 0.85 lbs (0.31 kg - 0.39 kg)
  • Length: 8.3" inch (21 cm)
  • Handle: Walnut
  • Head: Nylon

2) Japanese Stitching Groover

The leather stitching groover has adjustable arm allows you to make grooves between 2mm to 12mm from the edge of the leather. The tool works to cut a U shaped groove from the leather. The tool should be angled between 30* and 45* degrees to the leather, pulling towards you while applying pressure.

3) Stitching Marking/Grooving Wheel

This straight handled marking wheel comes with 3 wheel cogs to mark equal distances between stitches. Wheel cog sizes include:

  • 3mm (~8.3 marks per inch)
  • 4mm (~6.3 marks per inch)
  • 5mm (~5.1 marks per inch)

4) Japanese Leather Edge Beveler, 3 Sizes

Leather edgers are used to bevel (round) the edges of leather, removing the sharp corners after cutting. These Japanese bevelers are designed with a grooved underside and sharped tip. Hold the tool at a 45* degree angle for smooth cutting. The lower the number the lighter weight leather the edger can bevel.

  • Sizes Included in Kit: 
    • #1 (0.8mm)
    • #2 (1.0mm)
    • #3 (1.2mm)