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Giardini Extra Matte Clear Top Coat


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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Giardini Extra Matte Clear Top Coat

Made in Italy, the Giardini Extra Matte Clear Top Coat is used as the the final layer on colored and fashion paints. The matte top coat has two main purposes: 1) as a clear matte finish with a rubbery look/feel on the leather edge, and 2) as a protective layer against the environment such as UV rays that can fade colors over time.

The Matte top coat can be applied by hand or machine. It is an extremely elastic product as has a little risk of cracking over time. This product is made from several hybrid resins that provides it with matte and protective characteristics. It also has a rubbery look when dry.

Giardini vs Fenice and others:

  • Thicker edge with a single application
  • 50% better cracking test
  • 30% better adhesion
  • Color resistance to UV rays
  • 10x more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Better VOC (this means less unhealthy gases being let off)

About Giardini Extra-Matte Topcoat:

The Extra-Matte Topcoat comes from the family of Polyurethane Polycarbonate. It is an innovative paint with great features, strength and elasticity.

The Basics:

  • Application: By hand or machine
  • Dry Time: 50 minutes at room temperature
  • Storage Temperature: 50*F to 86*F (10*C to 30*C)
  • Shelf Life: 12 months

Application of the Extra-Matte Topcoat:

  1. First, you will have applied either a basecoat or edge paint color to the leather edge.
  2. Once the basecoat and/or paint has dried, lightly sand the edges until the surface is smooth.
  3. Now apply the matte top coat to the leather edge by hand or machine. It will take 50 minutes to dry.
    • When wet, this top coat will be white in color, but after drying it will become clear and matte, showing the edge paint color underneath.