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Maine Thread Waxed Cord - who they are and what their thread is used for

Maine Thread Waxed Cord - who they are and what their thread is used for

Posted by Hugh harriss on 03 07 17

Maine Thread Since 1958 this brick and mortar company, located in Lewiston Maine, has been manufacturing their signature product waxed cord. They began supplying their threads to the footwear industry locally in New England, and now, specialize in shipping their waxed hand sewing threads globally. Just Footwear Companies? Nope! Leather Crafters, saddle makers, cobblers, and small … read more
PVD Plating - What is it?

PVD Plating - What is it?

Posted by Buckleguy on 08 05 15

What is PVD? PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition PVD is a process carried out in high vacuum at temperatures between 150 and 500 °C. PVD is applied similar to electroplating where an electrical current is passed through the piece that is being plated. The pieces are sealed in an airtight chamber where a vacuum is created. In this vacuum negative voltage attracts the positi … read more
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Riri Zippers

Riri Zippers

Posted by Hugh Harriss on 03 23 14

Riri Zippers is on of the select US distributors of Riri Zippers in the leather goods and accessories trade.  Who is Riri? Riri is one of the most widely recognized and oldest zipper manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1936, Riri has set out to provide the most high quality zipper available. They have received national recognition for being the “ultimate in q … read more

How to Measure Leather Thickness

Posted by Hugh Harriss on 03 19 14

Measuring the thickness of leather has most commonly been done in ounces. 1oz = 1/64 inch. On Buckleguy we sell a range of leather belt straps that range between 8-10oz OR 3.2mm - 4mm. The reason for the range is that the hide often varies in thickness throughout the hide. The average leather belt strap is 7-8oz. Below is a conversion chart that is here to help compare leather ounces to in … read more

What is English Bridle Leather? How it's made and used.

Posted by Hugh Harriss on 09 30 13

English Bridle Leather English Bridle leather is an authentic vegetable tanned cowhide/steerhide that is made from the highest quality English animals and products. It is dyed in drums in order to develop deep, consistent colors with waxes and tallows. After the dying process, the leather is then hot stuffed with pre determined amounts of spew on the grain and flesh, giving it the English feel. … read more
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