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Galli Polycolor Leather Edge Painting Machine (110V)


35.000 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Galli Polycolor Leather Edge Painter

The Galli Polycolor is the level up from the RC-50 for available operator adjustments, options, and preferences.

About the Polycolor Machine

  • Conical paint roller that provides ability to paint many edge designs and shapes. The bottom tip of the conical roller is great for getting into tight spaces on products.
  • The paint tank has a quick release feature for simple cleanup and color swaps.
  • Plastic tray bucket for easy cleaning and changing.
  • Variable speed control for slow and fast application to fit operator preference.
  • LED light for intensity control.
  • Paint head height is adjustable to fit operator preference.
  • 'Side color protection', which reduces exposure of paint to air, which causes paint to congeal and harden.

Voltage: 110V (this is exclusive to Buckleguy)


Speed: Multi-speed (multi phase)

Made in Italy